Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Brad's Raw Chips!

TPN is now carrying Brad's Raw Chips! I'd heard about Brad's chips awhile ago because they're local, but just never got around to calling them. Nick finally called and they sent us some samples. It was definitely love at first bite!

Brad's Raw Chips

Brad's Raw Chips are made from raw (organic and local, whenever possible!) vegetables, sprouted flax seeds and buckwheat groats. They're dehydrated, not baked or fried, in order to maintain the enzymes in the ingredients. The chips are vegan and gluten-free.

Brad's chips provide the crunch that many people who follow a raw foods diet are missing. They don't crumble or fall apart and they are great with dips, guacamole, or salsa.

We offer samples at the different local festivals and expos that we attend, and we get varied responses. Some people love them as much as I do, while others aren't so enthusiastic. :) I will say that if you're used to snacking on different flavored chips and snacks that are full of artificial flavors and MSG, these probably won't taste great to you. They are loaded with a very concentrated form of vegetables, and the flavors are intense. To me, that's a positive thing!

The chips come in different flavors: Red Pepper, Hot Red Pepper, Kale, Indian, and Sweet Potato.

My favorite is the Red Pepper. I like the hot variety, but, to me, they are really HOT and I can't eat more than a few bites. I plan on trying them again with a cool dip and see if I can handle that! :)

Some people have commented about the price being high. Yes, it's higher than a bag of the conventional chemical-laden chips that are fried in unhealthy oils. Brad's Raw Chips is a small, new company, and they're committed to offering an extremely healthy snack. They use local vegetables, and it takes a lot of those vegetables to make the chips! In one of Brad's videos, he says that 100 pounds of vegetables, when dehydrated, may yield about 15 pounds! Another consideration is that they're so packed with nutrients that they're more satisfying and filling than say, potato chips. So, I find that I don't eat that much before I feel full. So, yes, they cost more. To me, it's well worth it!

Brad's Raw Chips


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