Sunday, December 16, 2012

Local Events

Home Show ~ Lumberton, NJ ~ 12/16/12
The Local ~ Souderton, PA ~ 12/9/12
Eileen Cuce's Open House ~ Center Valley, PA ~ 12/8/12
Brad's Raw Foods ~ Pipersville, PA ~ 12/7/12
Holiday Shopping Extravaganza ~ Southampton, PA ~ 12/1/12
First Niagara Bank ~ Souderton, PA ~ 11/30/12
Bryn Athyn Craft Fair ~ Bryn Athyn, PA ~ 11/17/12
Souderton Mennonite Homes ~ Souderton, PA ~ 11/9/12 & 11/10/12
Pennypack Farm's Harvest Festival ~ Horsham, PA ~ 10/6/12
BA Bounty ~ Bryn Athyn, PA ~ 9/22/12, 9/29/12, 10/13/12

Bethlehem VegFest ~ Bethlehem, PA ~ 9/8/12

 Perkasie Farmers' Market ~ Perkasie, PA ~ Summer 2012

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Black Friday Event ~ Free Shipping!

It's that time of year again!
The Holidays are here and life is getting a little crazier.
Why not save money, gas, time, and shipping?
Check out our all natural and eco-friendly products!

Artisan soaps, glass drinking bottles,
raw honey, natural hair and body care products, Oria's O'shay,
and much, much more.

Free Shipping*, Any Size Order, Three Days Only!
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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Business Was a Natural Change

Nick sells natural foods and other products,
including some that his family makes,
online and at the Perkasie Farmers Market.
He and his wife started the business after
adopting four African-American children and
 trying to find natural hair and skincare products for them.
Art Gentile/Staff photographer

Nick and Denise have always been committed to living green.  But when the white couple adopted four black children, they didn’t know much about how to care for the unfamiliar texture of their children’s hair.

“The norm for African-American kids was going to the store and buying a $5 bucket of blue grease and putting it in their hair,” Nick said. “We felt strongly that we didn’t want to put petrochemicals in their hair. That wasn’t acceptable to my wife. There’s got to be something better, and if not, we’ll make it.”

It turned out to be harder than they thought to find natural skin and hair care products that really worked for their children, he added. Many companies would claim to be natural, but their products would still be filled with preservatives, he said.

Eventually, they found a line of natural shampoos and other toiletries that worked for their children and for them.

Their hunt for truly pure and natural products could easily have ended there, but life had other ideas for the family.

A few years ago, Nick left his job as an IT director for a local medical uniform company to care for his children and wife, Denise, whose arthritis and degenerative disc disease have left her permanently disabled.

“We went from almost six figures to nothing,” Nick said. “That’s a reality check.”

Instead of dwelling on the negative, Nick and Denise decided to launch a home-based business, selling natural products online and at local farmers markets.

Truly Pure & Natural was born in April 2010, and Nick and Denise haven’t looked back since.

“It was very slow and hard because we didn’t know what we were doing the first year,” Nick said of the launch. “Last year was pretty successful.”

The business is always expanding to include items their customers want: Everything from raw treats and honey to natural makeup, glass drinking straws and water bottles.

Nick and Denise research products down to the toxicity level of each ingredient. Many businesses that request distribution through Truly Pure don’t make the cut, Nick said.

TPN also offers their own products, many of which were created out of necessity. Denise started making creams for one of her sons who suffers from severe eczema because store-bought products burned his skin.

They make hard lotion bars out of shea butter, coconut oil and beeswax and sell them for $5.

“If we make it, I can control the costs,” Nick said. “We wanted to make natural products affordable. … People don’t blink an eye at spending $5.”

Nick has also been experimenting with different healthy treats. They’ve started selling spreadable creamed raw honey, in flavors like fresh ginger, chocolate and raspberry. The chocolate flavor often sells out at the weekly local farmers market.

“He has the kind of products that people who are browsing seem to like,” said Joe Ferry, president of the group that runs the borough’s popular farmers market. “We enjoy having him there.”

Another big hit are Nick’s “tootsie raws,” a chocolate snack he invented and sold last Christmas at a different market.  The individually wrapped treats resemble Tootsie Rolls, but are made with pure cacao powder, powdered vegetable greens and other natural ingredients. Nick said he stumbled upon the winning recipe when he was making homemade granola bars and accidentally used too much cacao powder.

“To make something that people like is cool,” Nick said. “To make something that’s healthy that people like is even better.”

As Truly Pure & Natural grows, Nick and Denise say they want to make giving back a large part of their business plan.

“God’s been very gracious about putting things in our path,” Nick said.

Nick and Denise already use a portion of their profits to help other families adopt children and go on mission trips.

“Obviously, we have a heart for adoption,” Nick said.

Nathan, 14, helps his dad set up their stand
at the farmers market on Saturdays.  His parents
started the business after adopting four African-American children.
Art Gentile/Staff photogrPHER
© 2012

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Handmade Liquid Glycerin Soap ~ On Sale!

We've been amazed at the versatility of Wash Tyme Glycerin Soap.
It's a locally handmade product that we love and are proud to support!

Here are some of the things we use it for on a regular basis:

1.  We have a bottle at our kitchen sink for washing dishes and hands.

2.  We have a bottle in our powder room and bathrooms for hand washing.

3.  We use it to wash clothes in our HE washer.

4.  We use it as a laundry stain remover.

5.  We use it in our dishwasher.

6.  We use it for all general household cleaning by filling a spray bottle with half Wash Tyme Soap and half water.

7.  For windows and mirrors, we add 2 Tablespoons of Wash Tyme to a large spray bottle full of water.

Some things we've noticed:

1.  We no longer think that brown soap looks strange!  :)

2.  Wash Tyme doesn't suds up well in hard water, but does in soft water.  Either way, it cleans really well.

3.  Wash Tyme doesn't dry out our hands, which is great for moms like me who have sensitive skin and wash our hands countless times during the day, and for people with eczema.

4.  Wash Tyme removes grease amazingly well, even in cold water.

5.  We love having so few cleaning and personal care products in the house.  Less is better!

6.  We love that Wash Tyme is Eco-Friendly.

7.   We feel better knowing that we're not consistently exposing our skin (our largest, absorbent organ) with the numerous chemicals, preservatives, harmful perfumes, and artificial colors that commonly make up conventional soap.

For a very limited time, we are offering
at 30% off of our list price! 
Hurry, this introductory offer won't last long!
Sale ends 7/31/12

Friday, June 29, 2012

Dealing with Eczema

We've received many questions about eczema recently. I sure don't have all the answers, in spite of having suffered with eczema myself, and having three kids who have had it.

What I do know about eczema is that it's complex and there doesn't seem to be any simple answer. I've tried different diets, changing their environment, homeopathy, herbal remedies, and prescription meds when there didn't seem to be any other choices. Some things worked beautifully...for awhile. My son was off of all carbs and was taking different herbal supplements and his skin cleared up, only to break out again when the season changed.

Some kids do better in cooler weather; others improve in hot weather. Some kids are helped by swimming in pools or the ocean; other kids' skin is aggravated by chlorine and/or salt.

Elimination diets can be very helpful. Some of the common allergens that may contribute to eczema flares are:

wheat and gluten








peanuts and other legumes


artificial colors

artificial flavors

artificial sweeteners


and more!

It's helpful to find out if the child has environmental allergies. One of our sons is extremely allergic to dust mites. Once we removed the carpeting from his bedroom, covered the mattresses and pillows, took down the blinds, and removed all stuffed animals and books, his skin improved. We sanitize his bedding in the washer and dryer, and we dust and damp mop frequently. There's also an air purifier going in his room at all times.

We avoid personal care and cleaning products that have artificial dyes, preservatives, and fragrances in them. The children wear cotton clothes and avoid polyester as much as possible. When we do laundry, we use a natural, fragrance-free detergent, and we always do a double rinse when we wash their clothes, bedding, and towels. We turn their clothes inside-out when we wash them so that the clothing that touches their skin gets extra clean.

As far as TPN's products go, we use different products, depending on the severity of the eczema.

One thing that we like to use is plain coconut oil. Coconut oil has healing properties, absorbs quickly into the skin, and is very beneficial for eczema. We offer two types: Raw Organic Cold Pressed Extra Virgin, which has a coconut smell, and Organic Expeller Pressed, which is slightly more processed but still good for the skin, and does not have a coconut smell. In warm weather, we keep the coconut oil in the fridge where it solidifies and is easier to apply than when in the liquid form.

We also use our own Whipped Shea Body Butter. It's very healing and soothing, and feels so good on very dry skin with eczema.

Other things we do are to bathe infrequently with very mild soaps. We offer Citrus Spice Coconut Milk Bar Soap, and our Shampoo and Body Bar, both of which are very gentle.

One thing that helped a lot when my one son's eczema was severe was wet wraps. He didn't like them at all (he also has sensory issues, but I don't think that they would be particularly comfortable for anyone!), so we had to get creative and use a little motivation (okay, bribery!) to get him to follow through.

I first heard about this being done at National Jewish, and we then did it under the guidance of our physicians at our local children's hospital. It should always be done under a doctor's supervision because, if the eczema is open, the treatment could lead to infection.

The child soaks in the tub, filled with warm water, for 15 or 20 minutes, and then is quickly patted (never rubbed) dry with a towel (leaving the skin slightly damp), and a moisturizer is applied immediately. A physician may recommend a steroid or other prescription cream; we had good results just using a thick moisturizer or salve. Next, wet cloths or wet clothing are put on the child. We wet long underwear with warm water, wrung them out well, and then put them on. Over the wet layer, goes a dry layer. We used over-sized sweat pants and sweat shirts or cotton pajamas.

The child can then lie in bed, under a warm blanket and watch a movie or do something to keep him or her occupied for the next two hours. Check periodically to make sure that the clothes next to the child's body are still damp. If not, spray them with warm water from a clean spray bottle.

After a minimum of two hours, remove the wet clothing, apply an additional layer of moisturizer to the child, and dress as usual.

In cases of severe eczema, I've heard it recommended to do this several times a day and then once before bedtime, when the child will then sleep in the wet wraps.

That never happened here, but we still saw results when we did it during the day.

For less severe eczema, another option is to simply bathe daily as described above, towel off as above, and slather the child well with a salve or moisturizer immediately, within three minutes of getting out of the tub. This process helps to seal in the moisture from the bath. With this, I've always used my salve or a homemade body butter because my son said that every single cream that the dermatologist suggested either burned his skin or made it itch even worse.


P.S.  Andy, who makes Wash Tyme soap, said that several people have told him that Wash Tyme has helped with their eczema.  We use Wash Tyme Liquid Glycerin Soup for washing hands and dishes, and for cleaning, so our hands are in it alot.  (Well, at least mine are!)  When I get eczema, the only place I get it is on my hands, so I'm very careful about always using mild soaps that don't aggravate my skin.  Wash Tyme is gentle and natural, and completely eczema-friendly!

~ Denise

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Farmers Market and a New Product!

We've been quiet lately because we've been so busy!  We're doing some local festivals and Farmers' Markets, and for those of you in the area, we're planning on being at the Perkasie Farmers Market most Saturdays this summer from 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM. 

We've also been working on some new products, such as raw flavored creamed honey.  We tried it out at in Perkasie last week and sold out!  We have cinnamon, fresh ginger, chocolate, and plain, and we're experimenting with raspberry and vanilla.  More info coming soon!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Coconut Oil Touted as Alzheimer's Remedy

I shared here about the many uses and benefits
of coconut oil,
and now there is information about coconut oil
being used as a remedy for Alzheimer's.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Lifefactory Flip-Top Bottle Giveaway!

Amy, who entered on Facebook
is the winner of the bottle!
Congratulations, Amy!

Thanks to everyone else who entered,
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In honor of Valentine's Day,
one lucky winner will receive one of the new
Lifefactory Flip-Top 16-ounce bottles in Peony Pink!


All you have to do to enter is join our email list here.*

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Hurry, this giveaway ends on
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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Introducing The Lifefactory Flip Top Cap!

The New Flip Top Caps are Now in Stock!

We've waited for so long for these bottles and we're so excited about them that we're offering them at an introductory sale price. Plus, if you order and use the code flip10 at checkout, you'll receive an additional 10% off! These bottles are brand new and not readily available yet, and we're happy to offer them at a great price! Hurry, this offer will only be available for a couple of weeks!


Check out the new colors on our site:

Coffee (brown),

Grass Green, and

Peony (light pink) in the 16-ounce size;


Royal Purple,


Carbon (dark gray),

Raspberry (dark pink), and

Ocean (bright blue) in the 22-ounce size.

In addition, the Ocean, Carbon, and Royal Purple 22-ounce bottles
have hexagon-shaped cutouts in the sleeve,
instead of the traditional round shapes.


The Flip Top Cap collection offers easy on-the-go drinking
from the narrow mouth spout with the convenience of wide mouth access.
The Lifefactory glass beverage bottle contains zero impurities,
while the silicone sleeve makes it practical for carrying anywhere!

BPA, phthalate, PVC, and polycarbonate free.
Silicone sleeve is free of plastics and 100% non-toxic.
All materials are FDA approved.

With glass there is no chemical leaching and no metallic taste.
Wide-mouth bottle makes it easy to add ice, citrus slices, tea bags, and more.

Patent pending silicone sleeve provides a great gripping surface
and helps to prevent breakage.
Bottle and sleeve can be put in the dishwasher together.

Made in the U.S. and Europe.

Check out the Flip Top Caps here.

Please Note: The silicone Flip Top seals when closed properly
and should not leak. However it does not lock in place
and could be knocked ajar. As a result,
it's not upside-down, bottom-of-the-bag leakproof.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Giveaway Time!

As promised, we're giving away a bottle of
Wash Tyme Liquid Glycerin Soap,
your choice of Citrus or Lavender.


Here are three reasons that you should try to win this giveaway:

Reason #1: The soap is simply amazing in the laundry. When I first got it, I washed my daughter's jacket with it. She's a tough little girl who plays hard, and it shows in her clothes. The jacket was a mess and I didn't think that it would ever come clean. To prove my point, I took before pictures. I put the Wash Tyme soap right on the stains (which made up most of the jacket at that point!), as recommended. Because I'm basically lazy, I didn't soak it overnight as recommended; I just threw it in the washer. Well, the jacket came out stain-free. Honestly, I was shocked.

Again, I took pictures, with a future post in mind. When I went to write this, I found the pictures. The only problem was that I couldn't find the before pictures! Without them, the after pictures are somewhat pointless. So, you're just going to have to trust me on this one. :)

Reason #2 that you need this soap: It tackles really tough jobs. Our dishes weren't getting clean. I thought we needed a new dishwasher. I also thought that the spokes on the bottom rack of the dishwasher were rusty because they were this ugly dark color. There was no money for a new dishwasher, so Nick started taking apart the old one. He found lots of nasty gunk in the bottom of it, and he started cleaning everything with Wash Tyme. That's when we discovered that nothing was rusty; it was just dirty. Wash Tyme made the entire dishwasher look like new, and better yet, helped it function like new!

Reason #3 is that it's just plain good stuff. It's environmentally friendly, it's locally made (and we love supporting small family businesses!), it's gentle on our skin and it kicks butt on tough cleaning jobs. It may not lather much in hard water (our water is soft and it produces plenty of bubbles), but it still cleans well. It cuts grease on dishes and on our stove top, and cleans the pots that I'm famous for burning. I know that it would do an amazing job of cleaning our scary oven, but I just can't bring myself to tackle that job yet. ;)

So...if you want to try Wash Time Glycerin Soap, just comment on this post, and you'll automatically be entered to win.

PLEASE include your email address so that we can contact you!

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The winner must respond within 48 hours
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Winner must have a valid US shipping address.

* We do not sell your information!

Thanks for entering!


Monday, January 16, 2012

Wash Tyme Handmade Liquid Glycerin Soap

We are happy to announce that we're now carrying Wash Tyme Liquid Glycerin Soap! This amazing soap is made from a vegetable glycerin base which is the byproduct of making biodiesel from used cooking oil. This results in a much higher level of glycerin than other soaps and unique cleaning properties that no other soaps have. This soap is scented with 100% essential oils, your choice of citrus or lavender.


We have been using this soap for over a year now and we couldn't be happier with it. It's great for the environment, it's gentle on our skin, and it's fantastic for cleaning. We're all about simplifying our products and this product fits the bill.

Suggested Uses:

Hand soap/Body wash

General Cleaning: Mix 50:50 or less with water in spray bottle

Laundry: Follow machine recommended amount
(okay for HE washers)

Laundry Presoak: Apply small amount to stain,
let sit overnight in water

Glass Cleaner: 1-2 tablespoons in 1 gallon water

Traditional Soap vs. Commercial Soap:

Traditional soap is made by saponifying either an animal fat or vegetable oil by reacting it with a caustic dissolved in water. The soap created is actually a salt with a natural byproduct called glycerin which is the component that makes your skin feel so great. This is real soap. Wash Tyme Liquid Glycerin Soap is simply fully saponified vegetable oil glycerin, water, and essential oils.

Many commercial 'soaps' may smell pretty and have pretty labels as an enticement to buy them, but they are actually just detergents with added chemicals. They are full of artificial colors, fillers, synthetic fragrances, chemically derived surfactants to promote foaming, such as Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) and Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES), and Disodium Phosphate, a buffer and effervescent used to make detergent. Antibacterial soap also contains Triclosan, classified by EPA as a pesticide.

Your largest organ, the skin, absorbs the products you put on it. Which would you rather use, soap made from natural oils or a detergent made from chemicals, many of which have been linked to cancer and other diseases?

In addition, the soap that you use goes down the drain and makes its way back to the environment. So, if you're washing with chemical-laden detergents, that's what you're giving back to the earth.

Click here to read more about how
glycerin soap is make from cooking oil.

P.S. Watch for an upcoming giveaway!


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