Thursday, July 5, 2012

Handmade Liquid Glycerin Soap ~ On Sale!

We've been amazed at the versatility of Wash Tyme Glycerin Soap.
It's a locally handmade product that we love and are proud to support!

Here are some of the things we use it for on a regular basis:

1.  We have a bottle at our kitchen sink for washing dishes and hands.

2.  We have a bottle in our powder room and bathrooms for hand washing.

3.  We use it to wash clothes in our HE washer.

4.  We use it as a laundry stain remover.

5.  We use it in our dishwasher.

6.  We use it for all general household cleaning by filling a spray bottle with half Wash Tyme Soap and half water.

7.  For windows and mirrors, we add 2 Tablespoons of Wash Tyme to a large spray bottle full of water.

Some things we've noticed:

1.  We no longer think that brown soap looks strange!  :)

2.  Wash Tyme doesn't suds up well in hard water, but does in soft water.  Either way, it cleans really well.

3.  Wash Tyme doesn't dry out our hands, which is great for moms like me who have sensitive skin and wash our hands countless times during the day, and for people with eczema.

4.  Wash Tyme removes grease amazingly well, even in cold water.

5.  We love having so few cleaning and personal care products in the house.  Less is better!

6.  We love that Wash Tyme is Eco-Friendly.

7.   We feel better knowing that we're not consistently exposing our skin (our largest, absorbent organ) with the numerous chemicals, preservatives, harmful perfumes, and artificial colors that commonly make up conventional soap.

For a very limited time, we are offering
at 30% off of our list price! 
Hurry, this introductory offer won't last long!
Sale ends 7/31/12


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