Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Donating to Pennridge FISH Food Pantry

Pennridge FISH (Fellowship In Serving Humanity) Organization maintains a food pantry and clothing outlet, where people from their district can come in five days a week and get both food and clothing at no charge.  FISH also provides backpacks and school supplies in August, and gifts and food at Christmastime.  They are a Christian nonprofit corporation, a volunteer service provider to those in need.

Pennridge FISH has been in its current location for 20 years.  During that 20 years, they have not had to pay rent.  However, they now need to find a new home and need people's help to raise the necessary $300,000 for that new home.  You may click on this link to get information on their needs and how to make a tax-deductible pledge towards this worthy cause.

At Truly Pure & Natural, we see the need for this service in the community, and we want to help!  We are donating 10% of all online sales during the month of May to Pennridge FISH's new building fund.  Simply go to Truly Pure & Natural and place your order.  There are no codes to enter; the 10% will automatically be deducted and given directly to FISH.

Pennridge FISH has posted about this on Facebook.



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