Friday, December 11, 2015

Sick & Tired!

We make gift packs in different combinations of three jars of honey: Tropical Trio, Tea Lovers, Coffee Lovers, Healthy Trio, Home Sweet Home, Holiday Bliss, Berry Blend, and more.

Creamed Honey Gift Packs

We also have individual jars of honey on display so that our customers can create their own custom combinations.

We recently had a customer create the combination below: Cinnamon Honey Concentrate, Hibiscus, and Coffee.

She named it Sick & Tired.

She said that the Hibiscus helps boost her family's immune system, she uses the Cinnamon Honey Concentrate if the family does get sick with sore throats, and she keeps going after being up with sick kids all night with our Organic Coffee Honey!

We love the name, and are thrilled that she's found something that works for her and her family!

Sick & Tired


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